Amazon reviews are great for your business. It gives you a rare chance to hear directly from the customer. A negative review gives you a great opportunity to learn and get ahead of the potential next negative review. The power of the positive Amazon review drives sales and profits. And then there’s the wacky or hilarious Amazon reviews.

You’ve probably seen the hilarious Amazon review. Most likely you saw it at work in the form of a meme. If you saw it on one of your products, oh are you lucky.

Even if the customer means well and is leaving one with a fun quip or story as a joke, it still affects the metrics the same way that a legitimate one-star review does. But while your first instinct may be to fight back and try to get the review removed, consider turning your lemon into lemonade instead.

But how do they give you a chance to drive more Amazon sales?

Why Funny Product Reviews Are Terrific For Your Amazon Store

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Seller feedback and product review management can be a monotonous game. So, what could be better than breaking up the monotony than good old fashioned humor? On a personal level, a smile every now and then is enough to keep you sane.

On a professional level, hilarious Amazon reviews can be great for you. Most consumers like a good story when purchasing a product or service. Most of those consumers enjoy a good laugh, especially when they’re ready to enter their card information.

Plus, the funny Amazon review gives you a rare opportunity to match the creativity of your customer and, as My Amazon Guy founder Steven Pope puts it, polarize with your messaging.

“You want to polarize the audience. When you polarize the audience, you actually cast a bigger net.”



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A great way to polarize is by matching your customer humor in your outreach. Maybe you can make some Amy Wees-like copywriting tweaks in your listing descriptions.

If you feature your products on your website, it’s ok to have a link driving traffic to the Amazon listing, but be careful with how you word your call to action. A simple “See what our customers are saying on Amazon!” with a URL to the listing’s reviews is perfectly acceptable. There’s really no limit to how you can use a funny product review to your advantage.

Without further ado, let’s dive into 11 funny Amazon reviews, along with a few actionable tips.

11 Hilarious Amazon Reviews

1. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Product:  BiC For Her Ball Pen – Black

hilarious amazon review bic for her

Presumably this Amazon reviewer typed her missive, though it is perhaps doubtful writing it in longhand first would have helped. What’s particularly interesting here is that more than 3,000 people found this review useful. However, if you review the comments, they are mostly all in good fun. We doubt if anyone actually bought this product to hallucinate about fairies, though you never know.

Pro Tip: Maybe don’t name another product “for her” given that pens are pretty useful for everyone. If you find yourself in a similar situation, try this humor on the next product launch. Poke some fun at yourself as well, everyone loves self-deprecation.

2. Pleasurable Durability Turns Flooring into Amusement Park Ride

Product: Passion Lubes Natural Water Based Lubricant, 55 Gallon Drum

hilarious amazon review passions

Some 1600 people found this Amazon review useful, though our advice is do not try this at home.

Pro Tip: There has to be a market on social media for this product. Polarize with your messaging when targeting your audiences on digital. One idea could be to set up some highly targeted social ads with some fun copy like, “You and your wife will have lots of good times.” Amazon rewards external traffic to your listing!

Read or listen to the entire eComWhiz Podcast interview with Steven: Why You Should Polarize With Your Messaging.

3. Find Yourself in a Bind? Here’s Help

Product: Avery Durable 3 Ring Binder

hilarious amazon review handmaid's tale

This review is for a binder that holds up to 500 sheets. But what this reviewer praises sounds like something out of The Handmaid’s Tale. Nearly 6,000 other customers agree.

Pro Tip: Polarize your messaging within the product description. Add a bullet point or two that mimics your customer reviews: “This is the binder you want in Gilead.

4. You Can’t Make This Up, Because Someone Already Has

Product: AutoExec Wheelmate Car Desk Tray

hilarious amazon review starfleet

Most of these hilarious Amazon reviews result from poor grammatical skills and overall poor writing aptitude coupled with misdirected attempts to convey enthusiasm. But a few others are no doubt intentionally sarcastic. Case in point is this Amazon review for a work surface that attaches to a steering wheel. While it probably leaves itself open for ridicule, certainly no one imagines anyone would actually use it while driving (no one would, would they?).

We might also wonder if this really is George Takei, but, regardless, it got over 26,000 favorable comments in on the laugh. 

Pro Tip: This review has over 26,000 responses. That’s a ton. Adding a little “Great for any Star Fleet commander in the galaxy!” anywhere in the listing, description, or bullet points is a surefire way to really connect with your customers.

5. Surprise! Leo Isn’t a Nature Documentary Host

Product: The Wolf of Wall Street – streaming

hilarious amazon review wolf of wall street

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street was a smash success, acclaimed by both critics and audiences alike. Leonardo DiCaprio did an excellent job of portraying Jordan Belfort, the former stockbroker the film is based on. Of course, not everyone was happy, as this reviewer was surprised by the film’s lack of actual wolves.

Pro Tip: This one is just tough luck. And if this really is Rick James, you’d think he would’ve given a better review, especially after his many stints on Chappelle’s Show. Here’s where being enrolled in Brand Registry could help, as this will allow you to use Amazon’s templated messages to either 1) offer a courtesy refund or 2) offer a replacement item.

Here’s how you can do that.

6. A Mask That Works A Little Too Well

Product: Accoutrements Horse Head Mask

hilarious amazon review horse mask

The Accoutrements Horse Head Mask on Amazon has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for how realistic it is. So much so that one reviewer has lost sight of what it is to be human.

Pro Tip: Over 3,000 potential customers found this funny review helpful. Add a funny disclaimer in a bullet point like, “WARNING: This mask is so real, that horses will take you in as one of their own within 90 days.” Way to spin that horse hair into gold Rumpelstiltskin.

7. Check Out The Wake (or woke) On This One!

Product: How to Avoid Huge Ships Paperback

hilarious amazon review huge ship book

Captain John W. Trimmer wrote a book in 1993 titled “How to Avoid Huge Ships”. This is presumably useful information for those that travel by sea. This review, however, gives a different perspective on the matter.

Pro Tip: It can be tricky trying to be politically correct these days, even when it’s an obvious joke. There are some great one liners here you can try to use for your advertising copy on external channels. Some inspiration:

  • “The plight of the huge ship in society is rarely discussed.”
  • “Wow, check out the wake on this one!”
  • “When you sit around the port, you really sit AROUND the port!.”
  • “The next time you see a huge ship, please don’t ignore it.”

8. A Lackluster Mystery Novel

Product: Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book

funny amazon review baby book

“Where is Baby’s Belly Button?” was written and illustrated by Karen Katz. The lift-the-flap book is designed for children and shows an image of a cute toddler lifting up his shirt to see his belly button on the cover. One reviewer suggests that this cover image was a tragic flaw. Ironically, the review was done by “PacMan,” who kind of looks like the baby on the cover.

Pro Tip: Looks like all that fruit that PacMan gobbled up is starting to get him grumpy in his old age. We highly doubt anyone will take this review seriously, but over 1,000 customers did find the review helpful. A few reminders and disclaimers in the product description on how this isn’t the next Sherlock Holmes novel is sure to bring a smile to your existing customers.

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9. No Laughing Matter

Product: Portable Pizza Pouch

funny amazon review pizza pouch

At first glance, the Portable Pizza Pouch” may seem like a gag gift. It even mentions that it is a gag gift right in the title. After all, it’s pretty silly to imagine anyone actually walking around with a slice of pizza around their neck as anything other than a joke. Or is it? One customer walked us through their tale of survival:

Pro Tip: What an opportunity! Now, this “gag gift” is an absolute life-saving product. Mention that EVERYWHERE. And if you’re an owner of similar products, you might want to create an automated email campaign or two with similar customers, execute a delivery schedule, and really drive some positive seller feedback.

10. One Happy Customer

Product: Titan Casket Orion Series Steel Casket Handcrafted Funeral Casket

hilarious amazon review casket

Many of the funniest reviews on Amazon are a paragraph or two long, running with a silly premise or telling a crazy story for the sake of a good laugh. But in an unlikely place in the review section of a Titan Casket Orion Series steel casket, this customer managed to earn a laugh with just four words.

Pro Tip: Only 90 people found this helpful, and it’s a casket, so implementing humor in this specific use case may not make sense. But, you do have this review information, and you can reach out for future campaigns to this repeat customer. Of course, make sure you’re following the proper Buyer Seller Messaging (BSM) so you’re not violating Amazon’s Terms of Service and killing your profits.

11. Terror Strikes On The Beach

Product: Sol Coastal The Beach Behemoth – Giant Inflatable Ball, 12 Foot

funny amazon review beach ball

Still the creme de la creme of hilarious Amazon reviews. The story telling is so immaculate that over 19,000 customers found this helpful. We dare you to find a funnier review than Reid hamlin’s.

Pro Tip: The product is durable, fast, and family friendly. It’s also wandering southern US beaches at fantastic speeds, looking for another customer. Plus, this review is the equivalent of going viral for Amazon reviews. If you find yourself in a similar situation, just smile. The SEO across several sites and channels is sure to help your product fly out of the distribution center.

Final Reminders: What to Do If a Customer Leaves a Funny Review

Here are three quick tips on how to handle a wacky or hilarious Amazon review, even if it’s a negative one.

1) Smile, Laugh, and Plan

First thing’s first: don’t get angry or push back. If you have to, step away for a minute and take a breather. If you’re a bit shaken or unnerved, the worst thing you can do is lash out.

If you don’t know what to do, that’s ok! Try not to let it bother you. Instead, think about how you can prevent the next potential negative review. Or, maybe even use some of the customer’s similar language in social ads.

If you are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, you do have the option of contacting sellers through Amazon’s templated messages. Here’s how to do that.

automated request review button

2) Build Your Community

Amazon FBA Consultant Andri Sadlak knows a thing or two about building and scaling your digital community. In short, he shares you should always be thinking outside of the box on ways to engage with your community. After all, no one wants to follow a social media account that only posts self-promotion. Customers are expecting to receive quality content and to be entertained.

Aren’t these hilarious Amazon reviews entertaining? If you receive one on one of your products, consider making light of it by posting about it on your website or social media page. But be very careful. The author of the review owns the rights to the review, so you can’t simply copy and paste. Furthermore, Amazon’s BSM rules prohibit you from asking the reviewer directly if you can use that review.

With that in mind, a best practice is to add a link from your website or social media post with a simple call to action that asks the reader to “Check out our reviews!” or “Read our excellent reviews on Amazon.”

3) Generate More Product Reviews

Negative reviews are unfortunately an unavoidable part of doing business on Amazon. Whether the product review features a legitimate gripe, a buyer misunderstanding, or a customer making a joke, you will occasionally receive some negative feedback.

Product reviews are a numbers game. One bad review on a product listing with only four total reviews could be devastating. That same bad review sitting next to 40 positive ones is virtually irrelevant. FeedbackWhiz specializes in helping you generate more reviews on your products through our tools including automating the “Request a Review” button. New users can try FeedbackWhiz risk-free for 30 days.

So, got any other funny Amazon review you can think of? Share in the comments below and let us know!

*Editor’s Note: This article on hilarious Amazon reviews was originally published June 5, 2018. It was updated on November 30 2021.