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FeedbackWhiz is the ultimate all-in-one Amazon seller tool to boost your Amazon business for more sales, feedback, and reviews.

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The most powerful suite of Amazon automation tools for private label sellers

All the Amazon seller tools you need in one place: Integrated support, feedback, reviews, orders, emails, reports, notifications, and accounting analytics – so you can sell smarter.

Order Management

Easily tackle Amazon order management with FeedbackWhiz’s Amazon seller tools. Instantly track order status, find the best-selling products, pinpoint top selling products, promote new products to returning customers, and identify returns from a single window.

No more logging into Amazon Seller Central at inconvenient times to search for order detail information.  FeedbackWhiz enables sellers to immediately email customers and resolve issues the minute they show up with the click of a single button.

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Product Reviews

FeedbackWhiz provides a complete Amazon seller software for acquiring and maintaining positive Amazon product review ratings. The number of ratings and getting Amazon product reviews are top Amazon algorithm factors that determine your product ratings and sales rankings.

Let FeedbackWhiz’s Amazon sellers tool help you manage, monitor, and acquire product reviews for any product sold on Amazon marketplaces. Get alerted immediately when a negative Amazon review is posted so you can quickly respond and repair your Amazon seller brand.

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Custom Email Campaigns

Boost your response rates by creating personal, targeted, eye-catching Amazon email templates to create customized campaigns. Tailor each message to include delivery details, order history, and unique links to gather Amazon seller feedback and product reviews.

Build a relationship with each customer and increase your chance of getting a positive review by sending customers the right email at the right time. Send selective requests that target individual Amazon orders by delivery status, SKU, product type, and previous customer behaviors.

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Automated Review Requests

Make Amazon feedback email campaigns easier than ever by automating the functionality of Amazon Seller Central’s Request a Review button. Trigger review request campaigns using language directly from Amazon and using FeedbackWhiz’s custom campaign features. Select specific order or customer groups, exclude certain order types, and use targeted timing to reach your customers at exactly the right moment. 

Sent outside the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system, this new feature allows even quarantined sellers to request Amazon product reviews and Amazon seller feedback from their customers. No browser extension required.

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Monitoring and Notifications

Actively protect the security of your Amazon business with instant notifications for a range of dangerous actions that could threaten the health of your Amazon seller account

FeedbackWhiz provides 24/7 monitoring of your Amazon seller feedback, product reviews, buy box changes, listing hijackers, and title changes. FeedbackWhiz allows complete control over exactly which products you need Amazon seller alerts for so you can quickly take action.

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Feedback Tools

Automatically target positive feedback with smart selective requests. FeedbackWhiz allows you to easily monitor your Amazon listings, quickly view important Amazon seller statistics, and receive instant alerts so you can act fast on critical events, increasing your seller metrics and improving your Amazon seller reputation.

Filter by order type, rating level, and status before reaching out directly to the customer or Amazon at any time, all from within our intuitive Amazon seller tools dashboard.

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Advanced Amazon Seller Tools for Measuring Data Analytics

Measure Amazon seller performance to ensure you meet and exceed customer expectations with Amazon analytics tools.

Amazon seller tools: historical order trends

Quickly see what’s working

Easily view all your Amazon marketplace data metrics in any time frame. Toggle quickly between graphs and save hours of waiting for Amazon to produce reports.

Amazon seller tools: product listings and purchases

Identify critical trends

Analyzing all of your Amazon seller data just got simpler. Review important Amazon marketplace data and trends at a glance. Implement changes in your Amazon product listings to improve feedback, sales, and profits.

Amazon seller tools: email tracking

Manage your campaigns

Label, group, and organize all your email campaigns to easily distinguish the different setup strategies across all your products and brands.

Increase Profits by Maximizing your Amazon Data

Download reports in CSV file format for all of your Amazon Orders, Product Reviews, and Amazon Feedback.

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