Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which Amazon marketplaces are supported?

    We support, .ca, uk, es, it, de, and fr.
    Sign up for multiple marketplaces at no additional charge.

  • Do I need to download or install any software to use FeedbackWhiz?

    No downloads are needed.  FeedbackWhiz is a web based software that you can use directly through your web browser.

  • What Devices or browsers are supported?

    Feedbackwhiz works on all browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.  Feedbackwhiz is compatible with any mobile device, tablet or pc that can run web browsers.

  • Can I use Feedbackwhiz with other third party MWS software providers at the same time?

    Yes you can.  However, It is not recommended that you run multiple email services since Feedbackwhiz does not have information on emails sent with other providers and it may cause you to send duplicate messages to customers.  If you are switching from a different service, you can read more about this process from our Support site article.

  • What does the free trial include?

    The free trial puts you on the Professional Plan and gives you full access to all our features for 30 days.

  • What happens when my free trial ends?

    When the free trial ends, no more data will be pulled from Amazon and no emails can be sent.
    You will be asked to upgrade your account to a paid plan.  Find out more here.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, there are no contracts or obligations, you can easily cancel your account anytime.

  • I’m selling on multiple marketplaces, do I need multiple logins?

    There is only one login.  To toggle between marketplaces just click the marketplace flag on the top menu bar and it will instantly switch you to see your other marketplace data.

  • How often are orders, feedback and product review data updated?

    Orders information is updated every 15 minutes. Feedback and return information is updated every 30 minutes. Product Reviews are updated every 4 hours.

  • What types of statistics are provided?

    FeedbackWhiz keeps track of your returned customers, best selling products, most frequent buyers, email campaign stats, email click and open rates and much more!

  • Does FeedbackWhiz provide any types notifications?

    Yes, FeedbackWhiz will send you instant notifications when negative/neutral feedback and product reviews arrive, when Feedback is removed, Refunded orders, and much more!

Order Management

  • What does the Order Manager do?

    The order manager allows you to view not only your customer order data, but it integrates all metrics such as emails sent, emails queued, feedback and product reviews left, repeat buyers, gift, promotions, and much more!  The advanced search engine allows you to search and filter for any order metric.  Feedbackwhiz also provides shipping, feedback, and email information for every order.  You can also download all these metrics instantly into a csv file and easily use the data to run lookalike campaigns on Facebook.

  • What type of orders can I see?

    Feedbackwhiz imports all FBA and FBM orders from any marketplace you sell.

  • How many orders can I see from the past?

    FeedbackWhiz will import your past 365 days of orders and provide all data and statistics from those orders

  • Can I see who my repeat customers are?

    Yes, we easily view repeat customers and see every order they placed with you.

  • Can I manually send an email to specific orders from the order manager?

    Yes, we’ve made it very simple to send emails directly through the order manager.

  • Can I download Order data to run lookalike campaigns on Facebook?

    Yes, we allow you to download all your order reports easily into a csv file.

Feedback Management

  • Whats the purpose of sending emails for feedback?

    Getting as much positive feedback is important to maintain a good seller rating.  Seller’s who compete to win the buy-box will need high feedback ratings.  Most customers do not leave feedback, and most of the time when feedback is left, it is usually unfavorable.

    By sending emails to request feedback, you are engaging to your customer(s) to resolve any issues and lessen the chances they will leave unfavorable feedback.

  • How can Feedbackwhiz improve or repair my feedback rating?

    By setting up automated email campaigns, you can provide great customer service by reaching out to resolve issues and asking for feedback.  Feedbackwhiz also monitors all feedback left and will notify you immediately when any unfavorable feedbacks are left so you can quickly reach out to resolve any issues and ask customers to remove feedback if they are satisfied.

  • Does Amazon allow sellers to send automated messages to buyers?

    Yes, Amazon encourages sellers to reach out to customers and provide feedback.

  • How easy is it to create an automated email?

    Feedbackwhiz’s email builder is extremely simple and intuitive to use.  You can create beautiful and effective emails in less than 5 minutes.

  • Can I manually send emails?

    Yes, you can manually send emails to any order(s) you like.

  • Can I choose which orders/products or when to send emails to?

    Yes, the campaign manager will give you full flexibility to include/exclude multiple order variables and allow you to set exactly when you want the email to be sent.  You can even send emails when an event is triggered such as product shipped or product delivered.

  • Can I create multiple email campaigns with different content and settings?

    Yes, you may create as many campaigns you like for specific actions such as feedback request, product review request, feedback removal, order delivery, pre-delivery notice, product useage information, and much more!

  • Can I add my store logo or attach files?

    Yes, you can upload any image or logo you would like to display on the email.  Feedbackwhiz also allows you to insert the main product image with just a simple click.

  • What is live preview?

    Live preview allows you to see exactly what your email will look like as you create it.
    Feedbackwhiz has developed a very simple and efffective way of creating beautiful attacting emails that your customers will actually read.

Product Review Management

  • What can the Product Review Manager do?

    The product review manager allows you to monitor any product reviews on Amazon.
    Feedbackwhiz allows you to view all your product reviews as they come in or group them by product.  There is no more need to keep navigating from product to product on Amazon.
    Feedbackwhiz will also display review statistics and allow you to match the reviewer with a past order so you can communicate with the reviewer if a problem arises.  Get instant notifcations when negative reviews arrive.

  • Is it only useful for sellers with their own Brand?

    No, even if you are not selling your own brand product, you can still monitor any product reviews on  You can track your competitors products and monitor their activity.

  • Can I request for Product Reviews?

    Yes, you may request for product reviews.  We advise sending customers only 1 email that contains both feedback and product reviews requests.

  • How often do Product Reviews get updated?

    Product reviews are updated every 4 hours and notifications for negative product reviews are sent immediately upon request.

  • I got a negative product review, how can I figure out who left it?

    Yes, Feedbackwhiz uses a proprietary algorithm that can help you match the reviewer to your order.
    We can provide you a list of names from your Orders and the reviewers’ Amazon wishlist to help you identify the review and link the order so you can easily message them through our platform with a pre-made template.

  • Can buyers change their rating?

    Yes, buyers can revise their product review and rating.

  • How many Products can I monitor?

    The number of products monitored is based on your plan.  Click here to find out more.

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