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FeedbackWhiz’ A/B testing tool is simple to use and can easily double your product reviews on Amazon.
We are able to split up our campaigns subject lines up to 5 segments, and after testing various subject lines,  we get open rates from 60-65% and sometimes even 70%.  Highly recommend FeedbackWhiz!

Izzy Benoliel
Amazon Seller & Expert Consultant

I’m a huge fan of Feedback Whiz. I’ve struggled with finding the right mail sequence software before as I feel like a lot of them are limited with their functionality. However with Feedback Whiz, you can almost customize everything!  Price is fair, functions are amazing, great support team as well. I would highly recommend them!

Tom Wang
7-figure Amazon FBA PL seller

I love Feedback Whiz. The customer service is impeccable at this company. The tool allows me to ensure that tasks such as feedback and product reviews are monitored. If an issue arises, FeedbackWhiz quickly keeps me in the loop and even allows me to follow-up with the customer directly from the tool. Most importantly, the tool is 100% compliant with Amazon TOS, so no worries there 🙂 Another key function I really love about FeedbackWhiz is the fact that it also notifies me whenever items are returned to amazon so I can get ahead of any potential customer service issues. All in all, this tool is by far the best Feedback Management tool on the market for Amazon FBA sellers. I truly recommend it for all serious Amazon sellers- FBA or FBM.

Calvin B
Amazon Seller

I absolutely love this piece of software. I use it for my Amazon FBA business to send automated follow-up email to customers. The ease that I can actually do that with FeedbackWhiz is worth every penny I pay for it. I send out than you/merchandise on the way, please leave feedback, and if customer leaves a positive seller feedback I target them with a certain email for a product review request. If they don´t leave feedback I send a different email to the customer. In the event of a bad review, I send out a special email for that too. I attach product information, and product manuals in the email. All of that easily created within this piece of software.

Johan Larsson
Amazon Seller

The things I like the most about this software that I haven’t found on any of those I’ve tested: – A/B testing: gives you insight about which campaign leads to higher open rates. Definitely the best feature! – Analytics(open rate, number of emails sent…) – advanced HTML customization if you don’t want to send classic text – Sales tracking: yet another included(free) tool while other services charge for it – They are totally compliant with Amazon ToS: recently, they’ve removed a great feature(review/order matching) just after Amazon updated their policy. If you find this feature elsewhere and use it then you’re risking your account. – starting at a very reasonable price.

Omar L.
Amazon Seller

Switched this week from Jumpsend to Feedbackwhiz and I love the platform- it has such comprehensive insights and great features; the dashboard is great , easy to use and covers all my needs as seller”

Liliana C.
Amazon Seller

The thing I like most about FeedbackWhiz is that it is FREE to try and starting at a very reasonable rate thereafter. The interface is intuitive to use and auto email campaigns are extremely easy to setup. On top of that, the customer service I received were exceptional.

Gary Yang
Amazon Seller

FeedbackWhiz is simple to set up and use – by far the most intuitive interface I’ve used which is super important to me. With always more things to do in a day than I have time for, the last thing I want is to spend hours trying to learn a complicated system . Thanks FeedbackWhiz!

Shauna Miller
Amazon Seller

Great overview video! I’ve been looking for a great optimization tool and email platform to connect to my Amazon biz. After doing a deep research into pricing, capabilities, level of customer support, etc, I am so happy to have found Feedback Whiz. It is much more dynamic than previous platforms I have used and super easy to navigate and learn. Thank you Feedback Whiz!

Amazon Seller

“What a great platform, being able to customize emails, has greatly increased my customer reviews. its unbelievable. I have now doubled my reviews on one product in 3 days. It would have takes year to get this this point at the rate i was going. THANKS FEEDBACK WHIZ YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!”

brandon haneline
Amazon Seller- Jeepinformant

I’ve been using FeedbackWhiz for the last 6-8 months. Love all the easy to use interface and scalability of the software as your FBA business grows. Its functionality and price both exceed that of their other SaaS competitors! A must-have for any Amazon seller.

Gary L
Amazon Seller

I started using Feedbackwhiz in December 2018 with the one-month free trial. The trial version is well enough for a new seller on Amazon with up to 5 campaigns allowed. What I like about Feedbackwhiz has a nice layout, the navigation from template -> campaign -> send email is well laid out and intuitive. It’s amusing you can see your customer’s name/address with other data laid out nicely.

Dao Tran
Amazon Seller

So I just started using Feedback whiz… and truth be told, my only complaint is that I hadn’t started sooner! I’ve been a bit reluctant to use a email auto responder, but the templates within Feedback whiz were so good that all I had to do was change a couple words and real customer started leaving real reviews by the next day! Nowadays getting reviews is one of the most challenging parts of the FBA business, but this tool makes life so much easier 🙂 I plan to make more videos on this service within my own YouTube channel to show the massive results in getting already!

Luke Wechselberger
Amazon Seller

I was using a different feedback company and after a few months using them I only received 2 feedbacks from customers, I decided I needed to change the feedback company I am using I heard great stuff about feedback whiz and decided to try them out, after only using them one week I already received another 5 feedbacks from customers, I would definitely recommend feedback whiz to friends.

Jeremy R
Amazon Seller

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