Advanced Order Management

The most comprehensive order manager designed to boost productivity and save you time.


Easily manage your entire orders database

All orders, customer data and advanced order metrics synced and fully integrated on one platform screen. Intuitively designed to save you time and help you find the information you want quickly and efficiently. Filter, search, edit, delete & track all the order management data you need to find the information you are looking for, fast.
As orders numbers grow, improve efficiency in amazon order tracking for all of your sales.


Search and filter anything instantly

FeedbackWhiz allows you to search orders using every advanced order metric available with a simple click. Don’t get lost in your own customer and order data. Find exactly what you want in any time frame without waiting for load times and navigating through multiple webpages. With our Amazon Order Tracking you can filter by the advanced customer or order metric that you need. Our sellers order management platform acts like an order metrics search engine. Showing you the exact information you need, fast.


Send emails on the fly

Send emails to any order(s) instantly whether it’s a repeat customer, an unshipped or returned order or even an order purchased with a promo code. FeedbackWhiz intelligently tracks and displays all Amazon emails, content and statistics for every order.

As an Amazon seller, we all know how important reviews are to remain a trusted seller. Email automation is central to encouraging customers to review their purchase. Set up an email automation campaign to target customers when a certain action has been completed, like the order has been delivered. Ask your customers to review their purchase and increase your trust as an Amazon seller.

Keep all of the wheels in motion with our advanced Order Management platform.



Advanced search engine
Search by any time frame
Search with 20+ different variables
Do not solicit option
Send instant emails to any order(s)
Find repeat buyers
View pending & unshipped orders
View delivery status
View promotional orders
View feedback and rating
View emails sent per order
View email statistics per order
View shipping status per order
Direct link to Amazon order page
View up to 500 orders per page

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