Get More Amazon Product Reviews with Automated Email Campaigns

Create, automate, and send customized emails through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging or try the new Request a Review feature using Amazon’s language combined with FeedbackWhiz’s powerful email automation tools and analytics capabilities.


Automate Emails Your Way

Work Smarter, Not Harder. Let’s Automate.

FeedbackWhiz’s new email automation feature allows Amazon sellers to automate email triggers linked to Amazon’s Request a Review Button. Quit wasting time sending emails and clicking through individual orders to get more reviews. Let FeedbackWhiz do the work.

Amazon Request a Review Tool

With New ‘Amazon Request a Review’ Email Marketing Tools:

  • Customize unlimited email campaigns for any Amazon store. Your automated email campaigns can target order groups by ASIN, SKU, product name, marketplace, repeat buyers, and more.
  • Use exclusions to omit orders with feedback received, returns, refunds, and more from active email campaigns.
  • Never miss another deadline. Automated email campaigns send even when you’re offline.
  • Set emails to trigger automatically at specific dates and times based on your customer profiles.
  • Translate review requests via email to match your customers automatically.
  • No browser extension required.

Fully Customized Amazon Review Email Campaigns

No more struggles with formatting or testing emails. Our simple email creator features click and drop custom variables plus live previews to create the perfect automated emails for your customers sent through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller messaging.

template builder

With the Classic FeedbackWhiz Suite of Marketing Automation Tools:

  • Create distinctive emails with effective messaging for your unique customers.
  • Connect with buyers and promote your brand with your logo and attachments.
  • Send your customers product instructions, warranties, and invoices to strengthen your brand.
  • Personalize your message to maximize review and feedback generation.
  • Easily populate translated templates in your customers’ preferred language.
  • Advanced compliance detections will automatically warn and prevent communication violations.

Learn more about automating standard Amazon review request emails in our support section.

Organize and Personalize your Email Automation

Design unlimited Amazon email templates for specific marketplaces, ASINs, product categories, and more. Set any email campaign, including the new Amazon Request a Review feature, to send exactly what you want, to who you want, and when you want.

campaign manager

campaign settings

Maximize Positive Reviews

Whether you choose customized Amazon email campaigns or simple Review Request language, FeedbackWhiz helps you increase email conversion rates with advanced analytics. All your customer order data history is seamlessly integrated into FeedbackWhiz; allowing us to effectively send emails and requests to only the customers and orders that are most likely to leave you a favorable review.

Powerful Design Tools

Custom email creator

Create custom Amazon email templates to engage clients at all phases of the buying cycle. Time automated emails to communicate with customers at the exact moment you want to — after they purchase a product, when the product is shipped, after the product is received, once the customer has had a chance to use it for a set period of time, or any other time you want to communicate with a customer. Set up your custom email campaign and streamline your communication process so the right customers receive the right message at the right time.

Click and drop variables

Easily click and drop variables into your automated custom Amazon email templates to personalize the email to the customer. Adjustable variables include product names and short titles, order id’s, review and feedback links, shipping and orders dates, and more!

Custom compliant messaging

Craft your message exactly as you want it.  With Amazon’s Communications guideline requirements, FeedbackWhiz will automatically make sure your custom template meets all styling, font, and spacing requirements.  Personalize your message and include links to Amazon pages or attachments such as product instructions, warranty registration, product customizations, or anything necessary to complete the order.

Logo & file upload

Sharpen your perfectly articulated message to include your Branding and Logo.  FeedbackWhiz will automatically insert an alt-tag to keep you compliant.  Easily upload relevant files into your email to help your customers get the information they need.

Set up translated templates

Amazon requires sellers to send customized buyer seller messaging emails to your customer’s preferred language.  FeedbackWhiz can automatically detect the language and make sure your template matches your customer’s language.  Easily upload your own translated messages or use our pre-built templates that are translated to all the Amazon marketplace languages around the world.

Live order email preview

Preview what the template you’re creating actually looks like. See how changes look in real time without needing to save your draft or click back and forth to edit.

Customizable Email Targeting

Send test emails

Test your emails and make sure they appear exactly how you want them to before deploying them to customers. Email automation saves you time in the long run, but it’s critical not to rush through without testing. Send test emails to ensure they are dialed in so they result in your desired outcome.

Target specific orders

Sometimes orders require special communications outside the range of your automated email campaigns. Target specific orders with specific messages. If a customer buys multiple products, maybe you want to notify them of another item that complements their purchase. If a customer has purchased your products on multiple occasions, you can flag their orders and send a personal thank you message. With FeedbackWhiz, you have the freedom to target specific orders that you want to exclude from your automated campaigns and communicate directly with the person who is buying your product.

Send emails at specific times

Deploy your automated emails strategically at times when customers are most likely to open them and click through them. Popular thought in email marketing has recommended sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 8-11 a.m. However, recent studies have found that response rates are highest on weekday evenings between 8 pm and midnight. While there isn’t a universally agreed-upon “perfect” time to deploy your emails, the FeedbackWhiz email automation tool provides the flexibility to deploy emails on the timeline that works best for you and your customers.

Send emails based on delivery

Tailor your Amazon automated emails’ content and timing based on when the customer receives the product. Have particular email templates designed for when the item is shipped, the day it’s delivered, and following up after delivery asking for feedback.

Exclude orders from solicitation

You may want to exclude certain orders from your email automation campaign. If a customer expresses displeasure over your product or service, the last thing you want to do is solicit a negative review. Simply select the order or customer and remove them from the email campaign. Similarly, if an order has been refunded, returned, had previously received negative feedback, had a coupon applied, or even had a delay in shipment, you can automatically exclude them from solicitation.

Target your Repeat Customers

If a customer has bought your product before, you can setup campaigns with specific messaging based on their order count.  If your goal is to maintain top ratings and reviews, you may specifically setup campaigns to only solicit reviews and feedback from your repeat customers.

Advanced Tracking Features

Target only orders with promotions

Design custom emails exclusively for products that you’re offering promotions on. Promote shipping specials, bulk discounts and all your creative promo campaigns separately from items that aren’t currently on sale. Quickly adjust categories depending on which items you’re currently promoting.

Campaign Statistics

Track statistics by analyzing open rate and click-through rate at each phase of your email campaign (upon purchase, after shipping, upon arrival, asking for a review, etc.). With broader data at the campaign level, you can adjust your strategy so all phases of the campaign run in unison.

Email open statistics

Analyze open rates of each email campaign. Try A/B testing with different subject lines and choose the one with the higher open or click-through rates.

Global buyer blacklist

Tap into a Global Blacklist to exclude Amazon shoppers that may not be included on your manual blacklist. This automated smart feature makes sure that you’re targeting the best sales prospects and leaving out the bad.

Buyer unsubscribe

When buyers unsubscribe from your emails, they are automatically removed from your email campaign. In the grand scheme of things, it’s very unlikely that these customers would have left a review anyway. Don’t spend unnecessary time worrying about trying to reach them. Focus your time on engaging customers who are more likely to leave reviews.

Duplicate email detection

Similarly to making a critical typo or sending the wrong email, sending duplicate content is an easy way to annoy the customer. Make sure you don’t send the same email twice with FeedbackWhiz’s duplicate email detection.

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