Build and Protect Your Brand Name on Amazon

Monitor your listings 24/7 so you can quickly manage and respond to all critical events – fully integrated into a single Amazon management platform. Or spy on any ASIN – including competitors’ – to get real-time listing changes.



amazon monitoring

24/7 Monitoring for all your Amazon products

Get notified and respond quickly to all critical events with Amazon monitoring tools.

Notifications Amazon Seller Account

Monitor Amazon feedback reviews 24/7/365

24/7 Amazon product review monitoring allowing you to monitor and respond to any review. Receive instant Amazon review notifications when you receive new product reviews. Expand your business by quickly responding to all Amazon product reviews and resolving issues.

Amazon Hijacker Notifications

Stop hackers from hijacking your Amazon listings

Get immediate alerts anytime another seller jumps on or off your listing. Report hijackers who sabotage your Amazon product listings with counterfeit products or slightly lower prices. Take swift action to restore your position in the buy box as a reputable seller of authentic products at the proper market rate.

Amazon Listing Title Change Notifications

Get notified if your Amazon listing titles change

Hijackers often sabotage Amazon listings by changing titles and other important information. If any changes happen to your Amazon product title, FeedbackWhiz’s monitoring tools will send you a notification immediately so you can take back control of your listing. Stop hackers in their tracks with instant alerts.

Amazon Buy Box Notifications

Win the buy box and get buy box loss alerts

Owning the buy box is key to sales. FeedbackWhiz sends alerts if a competitor or hijacker takes your spot in the buy box. Receive real-time alerts when you win or lose the buy box listing placement or lose. Optimize your product listings to increase your chances of reaching and maintaining buy box status.

Amazon Seller Account Login Notifications

Know when your Amazon seller account logs in

Receive instant alerts to monitor when another device logs into your Amazon seller account Protect your security by getting instant notifications when new devices log into your Amazon seller account. Keep peace of mind knowing that you maintain total control of your Amazon seller account and who has access to it.

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