Protect Your Brand with Walmart & Amazon Seller Notifications

Leverage FW Alerts’ Amazon listing monitoring or spy on competitors 24/7 so you can quickly respond to all critical events. Get notified of reviews or feedback on Amazon and Walmart alike.



amazon monitoring

Nonstop monitoring for all your Amazon products

Respond quickly to all crucial events with FW Alerts.

Notifications Amazon Seller Account

Resolve feedback swiftly with Amazon review alerts

Stay on top of Amazon feedback and product reviews. Get instant notifications for new reviews so you can proactively engage with customers.

Amazon Hijacker Notifications

Stop hackers from hijacking your Amazon listings

Get real-time alerts on unauthorized account activity. Take quick action on sellers hijacking your Amazon listings with counterfeits to restore your reputation and position in the buy box.

Get notified if your Amazon listing titles change

Hijackers often sabotage Amazon listings by changing titles and other important info. Get notified of such instances right away so you can take back control.

Win the buy box and monitor losses

Securing the buy box is key to sales, so FW Alerts lets you know if a competitor or hijacker takes your spot. Optimize your product listings to increase your chances of reaching and keeping the buy box.

Summarize reviews with AI

Get a concise breakdown of customer sentiment and common keywords in your product reviews. FW Alerts’ ChatGPT integration provides AI-generated summaries on each of your products. You can even automate and export daily reports.

Master your data with logs, graphs, and reports

Search and filter event logs for historical insights and plot Amazon listing alerts to identify patterns. Customize alert notifications by ASIN and user groups to streamline your response strategy.

Know where your Walmart listings stand.

Easily link your Walmart account with FeedbackWhiz and toggle between your Amazon and Walmart stores. Manage reviews from both marketplaces on a single platform.

Review Alerts for Monitoring

Stay on top of your Walmart product reviews. Receive timely push notifications and protect your brand’s reputation by responding quickly to customer feedback.

Review Manager

Gather your reviews for easy analysis. Gain the insights needed to review your products and customer service.

Comprehensive Listing Overview

Access an integrated Order Manager and Product Manager for Walmart. Get a complete overview of your sales and product performance.

Serve Amazon buyers better by combining FW Alerts with FW Emails

  • Timely Custom Responses
    FW Alerts lets you respond to new reviews proactively with FW Emails’ tailored campaigns.
  • Automated Review Requests
    Use FW Emails to automate review requests and customer follow-ups based on the insights gained from FW Alerts.
  • Unified Amazon Management
    Manage alerts, optimize listings, and engage customers—all from a single, integrated platform.

enable or disable listing alerts

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your business by getting FW Alerts with FW Profits

  • Track all your listings’ profits and losses across Amazon and Walmart on a single dashboard
  • Get custom Amazon product alerts on your best-sellers and highest expenses
  • Know which parts of your business are profitable and highlight areas that need attention
  • Increase sales and your bottom line through detailed profit analytics

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