All-in-one Product Review Manager

Analyze, manage, and repair all your product reviews in a single intuitively designed page.


Track product reviews like never before

Product reviews are seamlessly integrated in one screen.  View them individually or group them by product.  Filter and search all reviews instantly.


Monitor and repair reviews

Get instant email notifications when unfavorable product reviews are received so you can promptly respond to resolve the situation.


Buyer-reviewer matching

Instantly match your product reviewers to an order.  FeedbackWhiz provides you the resources to find the buyer every time a review comes in.  Email reviewers or easily leave a public comment to resolve issues and increase chances of reversing negative reviews.



Negative review notifications
Positive and neutral review notifications
Advanced review search engine
Group by ASIN product view
Pen name to order matching
Wishlist name to order matching
Send email to reviewer
Product selector tool
Respond to reviews via comments
Competitor tracking
Add notes to reviews
Find keywords to identify trends

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