(pow)WOW. Pardon the dad joke. This week’s Amazon PowWow Miami was chalk full of excellent analysis, an all-star lineup of speakers, frozen cocktails, hundreds of eCom businesses and sellers, and even one funny parrot.

Hundreds of Amazon sellers and eCommerce businesses were in attendance to learn, laugh, and explore new concepts and tech optimized to help business leaders drive their eCom business into 2022.

Just look at this cast of speakers:

  • Dima Kubrak
  • Kevin Sanderson
  • Norman Farrar
  • Steven Pope
  • Liran Hirschkorn
  • Brian R Johnson
  • Tim Jordan
  • Emma Schermer Tamir
  • Ritu Java
  • Amy Wees
  • Brandon Young
  • Ken Kubec
  • Jared Orkin

Amazon PowWow Miami certainly deserves to be on our list of the top 21 Amazon seller conferences.

But don’t let us tell you how much we loved PowWow. Instead, let’s dive into what people are saying about the event on social media.

Amazon PowWow Miami on Social Media

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