FeedbackWhiz and Seller Labs’ Feedback Genius are two of the most well-known Amazon feedback software providers on the market. Both give Amazon sellers the ability to automate feedback requests, monitor product reviews, and much more. If you are trying to decide which option is right for you in the FeedbackWhiz vs. Feedback Genius debate, we’ve got a few advantages to highlight for you.

FeedbackWhiz vs. Feedback Genius: Pricing

FeedbackWhiz Emails pricing April 2024

Pricing for FeedbackWhiz Emails as of April 2024.

Feedback Genius is a part of Seller Labs, which has the following pricing model:

  • Annual Sales on Amazon up to $50K: $49 per month
  • Annual Sales on Amazon $50K–$250K: $99 per month
  • Annual Sales on Amazon $250K–$1M: $149 per month
  • Annual Sales on Amazon >$1M: $299 per month

FeedbackWhiz’s Amazon review request automation tool is priced as follows:

  • Starter: $20 per month (includes up to 2,000 review requests per month)
  • Basic: $40 per month (includes up to 5,000 review requests per month)
  • Professional: $80 per month (includes unlimited review requests)
  • Ultimate: $140 per month (includes unlimited review requests and a dedicated account manager)

Both sites also offer 20% off these prices if you sign up for an annual subscription instead of going month to month.

Regardless of how big your Amazon business is, FeedbackWhiz is a better value at every level. For sellers with $50K or less in annual sales, the Starter or Basic level will meet your needs and save you money against Feedback Genius’s cheapest tier.

If you have more than $50K in annual sales and want to upgrade to a bigger plan, no problem. The Professional level provides unlimited automated review requests and email campaigns at a significantly lower price than Seller Labs.

If you sell over $1 million annually on Amazon, the $299 per month you’d be required to pay on Feedback Genius is over 270% more than the $80 you could pay on FeedbackWhiz’s Professional plan!

FeedbackWhiz is the clear winner in value. Save up to $219 a month with FeedbackWhiz!

FeedbackWhiz vs. Feedback Genius: Walmart Integration

Setting up a custom Walmart review alert in FW Alerts

Setting up a custom Walmart review alert in FeedbackWhiz Alerts.

If you sell products on, FeedbackWhiz becomes an even more obvious choice over Feedback Genius. With just a small add-on cost based on the number of products you want to track, you can now use FeedbackWhiz Alerts for Walmart product monitoring.

Any time someone reviews one of your Walmart or Amazon products, you will instantly receive an email letting you know. These review alerts can help you to stay on top of any negative or neutral reviews that come in, so that you can:

  • Provide helpful customer support right away.
  • Request removal of the negative feedback if it does not adhere to Walmart’s product review guidelines.
  • Look for trends in unfavorable reviews that can lead to improvements on your products.
  • Catch and report suspicious behavior like floods of fake reviews.

FeedbackWhiz also just added Walmart profit analytics to its Amazon profit and accounting tool.

Feedback Genius does not currently have any Walmart integration in place. Meanwhile, FeedbackWhiz has already added these features for Walmart sellers and is working on more to roll out in the future.

Note: Even with all three FeedbackWhiz tools combined, you can still save money over Feedback Genius. Together, they start as low as $45 per month!

FeedbackWhiz Offers Other Powerful Features as Well

Walmart Other Transactions breakdown popup in FW Profit Analytics

The Walmart Other Transactions breakdown in FW Profit Analytics.

FeedbackWhiz has the best software on the market for gathering product reviews. From automatically pressing Amazon’s “Request a Review” button to setting up highly customized email campaigns, it’s unmatched in power and price.

In addition to offering these services for less than Feedback Genius, FeedbackWhiz also has other powerful tools for Amazon and Walmart sellers. These include 24/7 product monitoring and an in-depth profit and loss tracking tool.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Feedback Genius, look no further than FeedbackWhiz. Try out all of these incredible features today with a free 30-day trial!

Disclaimer: Feedback Genius is a trademark of Seller Labs. FeedbackWhiz is not affiliated with Seller Labs in any way.