Time continues to fly by as Amazon sellers enter the second month of the 2022 second quarter in May. With Prime Day and the summer rapidly approaching, sellers have plenty of preparation to focus on in the coming months. If you’ve been busy with your Amazon storefront and haven’t had the chance to keep up with all of the e-commerce news that happened in April, we’ve got you covered with this recap of what Amazon sellers may have missed in April of 2022.

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Amazon and eCommerce News and Statistics

Amazon sellers boost listings with reviews from different products

The battle between Amazon and bad actors acquiring illegitimate reviews will likely rage on for as long as the online marketplace exists. This story reveals that fake reviews are as rampant as ever with a staggering nine out of ten of the top-rated headphones on Amazon illegally using glowing reviews of unrelated products to bolster their ratings.

Amazon’s Growth Was Expected To Slow

After seeing unprecedented growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, Amazon’s growth is finally slowing down. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it is perhaps more of an indication of just how impressive the company’s growth was over that two-year span.

Amazon opens up Prime delivery service to other retailers in its latest move to compete with FedEx and UPS

Amazon may have started as an online bookstore, but its real bread and butter has always been shipping logistics. By outsourcing its extensive Prime shipping network to retailers outside of Amazon, the company stands to potentially be a major market disruptor in the delivery space taking on companies like FedEx and UPS head on.

Nine Months of $10,000 Container Rates

After two long years, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have finally passed in the United States and many countries around the world. But while some things are getting back to normal, others remain permanently affected by the pandemic. This includes containers shipping rates from China, which have increased roughly tenfold since the beginning of 2020.

Amazon Is Adding Thousands of New Sellers Daily

The amount of new sellers entering the marketplace on Amazon hasn’t changed in nearly five years. Thousands of new sellers enter one of Amazon’s worldwide marketplaces every day, including over 700 new sellers per day in the United States.

New Sellers on Amazon Globally Based on First Review Date

Credit: MarketplacePulse Research.

Profits & Loss (& Prime!) Updates from April

Amazon FBA Fees Update: “Extra-Large” Storage Type, Small and Light Changes, and What That Means For You

Amazon recently updated its storage fees across the board, and there are plenty of changes that sellers should be aware of. This article breaks down the new fees and gives you some insight on how these changes may affect your Amazon business. Speaking of seller fees….

Amazon Seller Fees: The Complete Guide to FBA Fees and the Cost of Selling on Amazon

Seller fees are just a part of life when you sell your products on Amazon. Some of them are unavoidable, while others can be trimmed down with proper planning and techniques. This guide gives you an in-depth breakdown of how Amazon seller fees work and what you can do to cut down on them.

Five Tips To Improve Your Amazon Advertising

Effective advertising can separate you from your competitors on Amazon on drive sales on your product line. These five tips will give you some ideas on how you can get the most out of your advertising budget and how you can maximize the ROI on your ad spending.

Prime Day 2022 Will Be in July—But the Exact Date is Unknown

It’s official: Prime Day is set for July 2022. The exact dates are still pending, but historically, the event has launched on a Monday. We expect Amazon to avoid any holiday overlap surrounding July 4, so with that in mind, we’re predicting Prime Day to occur on or after July 11.

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