How to Get Amazon Product Reviews in 2019

FeedbackWhiz reveals the best strategies to engage your customers on Amazon to get more product reviews.

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maximize amazon product reviews

Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon Product Reviews are perhaps the most important criteria that shoppers use to decide whether or not to purchase your product. Earning product reviews is now more challenging than ever. To be a successful Amazon Seller, you must understand Amazon’s review rules and the strategies to promote your brand by engaging customers in a genuine way.

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The Shifting Landscape of Product Reviews:

Reviews are often the most significant deciding factor for many buyers when they are considering a product for purchase. 97% of buyers say that product reviews influence their purchasing decisions and 71% of buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a product after seeing positive reviews. This section addresses changes in consumer trends toward trusting Amazon reviews as one of the most reputable indications of quality and credibility.

Effective and Legitimate Ways to Generate Organic Reviews:

Many sellers feel skeptical about third-party email apps because customers can opt out of receiving emails from sellers. However, approximately 20% of buyers have actually opted out, leaving 80% accessible to you. This section discusses effective “white hat” outreach strategies to engage your customers via email while also adhering to Amazon’s review guidelines.

Strategies to Create Powerful Email Sequences that Convert:

Strong subject lines, well-timed emails and engaging email content are the keys to getting customers to open your email, read it and take action. This section gives strategies to maximize your communication opportunities by crafting subject lines that increase open rate, timing emails to reach the right customers at the right time, and using language, colors, logos and graphics that resonate with your customers.

Email Sequences:

For every Amazon order and customer, you want to set up an email funnel or sequence. In this section, you will learn the most important details to include in your confirmation email, how and when to request a product review and one very important thing you absolutely should NOT do when emailing customers.

How to Combat and Repair Negative Reviews:

Sometimes, negative reviews happen — they can’t always be avoided. With that said, there are ways to handle them and they don’t have to be a disaster for your brand. Studies show that 95% of shoppers suspect fake or censored reviews when they only see positive reviews and 63% read negative reviews before positive ones. This section discusses consumer psychology related to negative reviews. It also gives several strategies to repair negative reviews in a sincere, ethical way so customers know that your company is proactive and strives to provide top notch customer support throughout the entire buying experience.

How Feedbackwhiz Can Help You Get More Reviews:

Feedbackwhiz enables you to create powerful email sequences with customized templates and manage customer communication more effectively and efficiently. In the final section of the guide, learn about Feedbackwhiz’s features and how they will help you earn more reviews.


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