Frustration-free packaging is more sustainable and easier for the customer – here’s how to add it to your orders.

We’ve all been there. You order a product online and when it arrives it is encased in packaging which is more difficult to get into than Fort Knox. When you finally get into it, you wonder how someone managed to find so much cardboard, paper, and plastic to wrap such a small product. The result? You’re frustrated and angry with whoever decided to inflict this packaging related nightmare.

This is why Amazon introduced the Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program. This program strikes a fine balance between protecting the product during transit and making sure it is as easy as possible to open when it reaches the customer. More than that, it also reduces the amount of material used in packaging, making it far more environmentally friendly.

This is exactly what customers want: accessible and eco-friendly packaging. One survey found that nine out of ten customers want packaging that is more sustainable and another found that three out of four people said they would actually be willing to pay for packaging that is more sustainable.

Clearly, sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important for customers. If they see a product that has more packaging than necessary or is wrapped in additional plastic, they will not be happy.

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How Frustration Free Packaging Works

FFP is designed specifically for e-commerce sales to provide the optimum amount of packaging.
It is just enough to protect the product during delivery and no more. All you have to do is open up the Amazon Box, place the product inside and your product is ready to go. All materials used are 100% recyclable.

This reduction in packaging may also translate into lower costs by reducing the materials and resources needed, dropping the potential transportation, labor, and supply chain expenses.

Happier Customers

These direct benefits will help you in a number of ways.

A change in your packaging can lead to more sales. Customers like the FFP program and many people actively seek out products that can be packaged in this way. It is also important to use FFP if you want to be considered branded by Amazon. This branding will help you take advantage of Amazon’s unparalleled reputation for excellence and quality.

But most importantly, FFP will lead to happier customers which can be reflected in your customer feedback ratings.

FFP delivers a better customer experience and will also strike a chord with those who are particularly passionate about sustainable living. Happier customers will also be more likely to buy again from you in the future and recommend your product to their friends. It can improve customer retention, increase loyalty and improve your reputation on Amazon.

It is a self-sustaining process. This simple strategy of addressing the packaging of your product can create further opportunities for sales down the line. It reduces the risk of ‘packaging rage’ and makes the buying experience a happier one, leading to better product reviews and seller feedback.

Packaging may seem like a small detail but it locks you into a virtuous circle and improves your customer relations and boosts your sales.

Getting Certified

In order to qualify for the FFP program, though, you will need to have your products certified as being safe for reduced packaging. Amazon will need to feel comfortable that the product can be safely shipped after removing plastics and other components. Getting this qualification is affordable and simple.

Amazon doesn’t charge a fee for certification. All you need to do is provide a review sample of the product you want to be certified. You will normally receive an evaluation within a couple of days but it can take up to a few weeks.

Things to Watch Out For

Nothing is ever perfect and there are some concerns. Customers have, at times, expressed dissatisfaction in regards to Amazon’s packaging which is either too much or too little. You will need to watch your customer feedback for any issues with the packaging to make sure it is working for your customers.

Frustration-Free Packaging, then, is not without its issues, but it is very much in tune with the times. It caters to the desire for simpler and more sustainable packaging which is not only less stressful to open but is more environmentally friendly. You will have to monitor its reception among your customers but more often than not, Frustration-Free Amazon will be a great boost to your sales and customer satisfaction.

*Editor’s Note: This article on Amazon frustration-free packaging was originally published on July 1, 2019. It was updated on March 8, 2021.