If you’re selling on Amazon, odds are someone has suggested you start using Amazon email automation software but is it really worth the price?

As the Amazon Marketplace grows – both in the value of sales and the volume of sellers, the need for Amazon email automation software is growing. These tools make bold claims about how they can boost the number of product reviews you receive, increasing your potential profits many times over. Of course, these tools will come at a price and no self-respecting seller wants to shell out any money without a clear return on investment (ROI), so how can we decide whether or not Amazon email automation software is worth the money?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at one of the most popular Amazon email automation software tools on the market, FeedbackWhiz. This cloud-based service eliminates the need for clunky software and gives you access to all the product reviews, feedback, and order management data you need to properly run your Amazon business.

How do product reviews help you?

Before you can assess the value of Amazon feedback software, you need to understand how product reviews will help your business.

Amazon uses product reviews to determine which products they should list first in search results. As an ecommerce platform, Amazon has a vested interest in promoting products and sellers that are of value to buyers.

Amazon looks at product reviews based on the quality of the review, and the volume of reviews received. The higher the number of product reviews you attract, and the more positive those reviews are, the better you will rank.

Simply put, product reviews can improve your seller ranking which means more people will see your listing, increasing the odds that more people will buy your product, further improving your ranking.

Assessing the cost

Now that you understand why you want product reviews, it is time to work out how your feedback software will cost.

Like many other platforms, FeedbackWhiz operates on a tiered system with each price point offering varying levels of functionality.

FeedbackWhiz offers a 30-day free trial so you can see for yourself how incredible this software really is.

Calculating ROI for Amazon Email Automation Software

To truly understand the true return of investment FeedbackWhiz delivers, you need to examine some of its most popular features. These include:

Email automation: FeedbackWhiz offers a number of email templates that can be used to send effective communications to your customers. Amazon has strict guidelines when it comes to contacting buyers and it is important that you follow them. You cannot, for example, send promotional emails or offer incentives for positive product reviews. You can, however, automate emails to send once an item has shipped, or once when an item has been delivered. This simple act of engaging with your customers will not only improve your chances of receiving a positive product review but will increase your chances of making another sale in the future.

Metrics: You can run A/B Tests and gain insights about how emails have been performing. By analyzing click through and open rates, you get a good idea of which emails are performing well. You can see where your emails are succeeding and where they are falling flat. It can help you to focus your sales strategy and adjust the content to make your communications more appealing and effective.

Pictures and animation: You can spice up your emails with eye-catching animations, pictures, and gifs.

Product reviews and feedback: The core purpose of FeedbackWhiz is to improve the quantity and quality of your product reviews and feedback.

FeedbackWhiz allows you to easily filter through your seller feedback and product reviews based on the star rating.

If a buyer leaves a negative product review, you will receive an instant notification, allowing you to make an effort to resolve the issue in a timely fashion. The more quickly you can contact the buyer, the more likely it is that they will amend or delete their review.

Being able to examine your product reviews in this manner will help you monitor your own performance as well. By filtering your product reviews, you can quickly see where your business is under-performing and what steps you may be able to take to turn things around.

Besides, addressing negative product reviews will make you a better, more trustworthy, seller creating happier customers and improving your chances of future sales.

Amazon order management: Where FeedbackWhiz distinguishes itself from more basic feedback management platforms is through its order and sales management features.

You can view all your orders, check their status and draw insights. All of this information can help you improve shipping quality, make stock considerations, and provide the best customer service possible.

These features deliver both direct and indirect benefits. They can feed value back into your business in ways you may have not even considered. And, of course, they give you back something invaluable: your time.

Without FeedbackWhiz, you would have to spend hours performing these tasks. And you would be missing out on all the data and insights it can generate, meaning that your business decisions will be less informed. Before long, all of your time will be spent bogged down by administrative tasks and paperwork, diminishing the effectiveness of your efforts.

A platform like FeedbackWhiz makes your life easier. It automates these tasks, freeing you up to concentrate on different aspects of your business like planning for the future, developing new or improved products, and increasing your revenue.

The cost of Amazon feedback management platforms can vary considerably. The key is finding the right level of service combined with the right price point. Spend too little, and you won’t get any value. Spend too much and you will not see a positive return on your investment. Fortunately, FeedbackWhiz takes the guesswork out of this process, almost instantly proving its value and allowing you to succeed in one of the most crowded marketplaces on earth.