With each passing year, Amazon continues to rocket forward as the undisputed worldwide leader in e-commerce. New international marketplaces and incredible advancements in technology like one-day shipping bring in more and more customers and sellers every day. And while there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic and excited as an Amazon seller, it is also understandable to feel overwhelmed by this massive marketplace. We’ve compiled six helpful Amazon seller tips to help you make sure that you are getting the most out of your selling experience in 2020 and beyond.

Amazon titles and product listings

1. Focus on great titles and product listings

Every great strategy for success on Amazon begins with fantastic product listings, pictures, and listing titles. The photographs and titles that you select for your product represent your brand and are the first thing that potential customers will see when your listing or advertisement shows up in their search results. Make sure that your photos are well-lit and show your product clearly, and that your title is accurate and succinct.

Once a potential customer has clicked on your product, great listing details are what will close the deal. Make sure that your listing details give viewers all of the information they need to know about your product without being too wordy.

2. Never stop evaluating pricing

Many sellers take an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to pricing; once they find a price point that produces sales, they set it and forget it. While it is a good idea not to obsess about pricing, it’s also a good idea to occasionally check in on your products and how they are performing at their current price point.

Variables can change; a new competitor jumping in at a lower price might make you consider lowering your price, while an old competitor leaving the market might give you an opportunity to raise the price. And what about seasonal considerations? Big spikes or dips in sales are obvious points to assess your pricing (and overall listing health), but instead of waiting for these extremes, try to make it a point to check in regularly for potential improvements.

earn amazon product reviews

3. Earn as many product reviews as possible

Your product’s photo, listing title, and price are all major factors in whether a customer will click on (and potentially buy) your item. One more major factor is the number of quality product reviews that you have. Many customers take these reviews very seriously, and the more you have, the more credibility your rating score will earn.

FeedbackWhiz can help you build an email campaign to legally and effectively generate more product reviews on your listings, which will, in turn, lead to more sales.

4. Stay up to date on Amazon’s Terms of Service and features

Amazon is constantly tinkering with its rules and regulations, and it’s your duty to stay on top of these changes. It can sometimes be hard to find the energy to read all of the updates you receive from Amazon on your Seller Central page and in your email box, but this energy spent pales in comparison to the hassle of having your account suspended or being blindsided by a rule change that you missed. An Amazon seller tip is to keep a close eye on announcements and Amazon seller news headlines to stay up to date on vital information.

amazon advertising options

5. Consider all of your advertising options

Advertising directly on Amazon is a powerful tool that is very likely to be an important part of your advertising repertoire and a great amazon seller tip. But you shouldn’t put all of your advertising dollars into one basket; there is merit to building an external email list, advertising on Facebook, and using outside-the-box advertising options like online influencers. Research and test as many different methods as you can to maximize the return on investment of your advertising efforts.

6. Protect yourself from listings hijackers

All of the efforts laid out in this article will only be effective when you are in control of your listings. Few things halt momentum like having a counterfeiter hijack your Amazon listing or a competitor steal the buy box away from you on one of your top sellers.

With FeedbackWhiz’s product monitoring services, you can stay on top of these types of changes with 24/7 monitoring and alerts on important account details such as losing the buy box or having another seller join your listing. With this knowledge, you can take swift action to remedy the situation and to get your system back up and running at full speed. New customers can try FeedbackWhiz for 30 days for free, no credit card required.