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Prep for Prime Day

Are you prime’D for Prime Day? Arm yourself with the right knowledge on dates, metrics, and tools you’ll need to dominate the marketplace.

prime day deal

Seller Tools to Boost Sales

Stack the odds in your favor with advanced seller tools to gain that competitive edge on Prime Day.

Drive more reviews

Automate Amazon’s request a review button or build automated email campaigns.

Real time alerts

24/7 smart real time alerts to notify you of critical changes on your product listings.

Analyze your sales

Compares sales data across all your Amazon Marketplaces from your all-in-one dashboard.

Automate Your Prime Day

Strengthen your listings, improve your product rankings, and turn customers into champions. Generate more reviews with FeedbackWhiz.

Request a Review  

Automated Emails

Pre-Built Templates

Enjoy the First Month Free + 3 Months HALF OFF
Use Promo Code PRIMEDAY21 to take 50% off below prices

Email and Amazon Review Request Automation Plan

Choose Your Plan
  •    Emails and Review Requests
    Number of emails and Amazon review request triggers you can send each month.
  •    Email Campaigns
    An email campaign= 1 email sequence you can send for all/selected orders. Create unique sequences to target and exclude specific triggered statuses such as shipped, delivered, repeat buyers, 5 star feedback rating, promotions, and much more.. You can also setup campaigns to trigger the Amazon Review Request button inside seller central. Example: If you want to send 2 emails to every order or selected ASINS, you would create 2 email campaigns. If you want to create 2 groups of Amazon review request for different products and timing, you would create 2 email campaigns.
  •    Orders & Feedback Manager
    There is no limit on how many orders you have each month. You have the option to sync up to 1 years worth of order history during sign-up.
  •    Analytics and Statistics
    View and manage sales, orders, feedback, emails, and product review analytics and data in any time frame.
  •    Download Reports
    Download all data collected from buyers, orders, feedback, and product reviews.
  •    Marketplaces
    Easily toggle between your different Amazon marketplaces. We support Amazon USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, India, and United Arab Emirates.
  •    Support
    We offer world class customer support. Our support team is highly knowledgeable with selling on Amazon and is always willing to help answer any questions to help you succeed!


$0.00/ month
  • 150 /mo
  • 1
  • 1 Included
  • Limited Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Limited live support.


$19.99/ month
  • 2000 /mo
  • 10
  • 1 Included
    (Addtl. marketplaces $10)
  • Basic Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Normal support response times(same day)


$39.99/ month
  • 5000 /mo
  • Unlimited
  • 1 Included
    (Addtl. marketplaces $10)
  • Basic Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Normal support response times(same day)
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$79.99/ month
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 1 Included
    (Addtl. marketplaces $5)
  • Expedited Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Expedited support response times(1-4 hours)


$139.99/ month
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    Full access to support site articles and video. Dedicated Account Manager to answer questions and resolve issues immediately.

Protect Your Amazon Business on Prime Day

With 24/7 intelligent monitoring tools, you can easily manage and respond to all critical events around the clock.

Hijacker Alerts

Stop the sabotage tactics with urgent notifications anytime another seller jumps on or off your Amazon listings.

Buy Box and Sales

FeedbackWhiz sends notifications as soon as you lose the buy box whether through a hijacker or Amazon competitor.

Feedback and Product Reviews

Amazon product review monitoring allows you to monitor and respond to any Amazon review immediately.

Product Listing Alerts

From title to description to image changes, FeedbackWhiz’s Amazon monitoring tools will send you immediate alerts to keep you in control.

Amazon Notifications, Your Way

FeedbackWhiz’s smart Amazon monitoring tools empower you to set up alerts how you want to receive them, via email or desktop notifications.

Security and Protection

Receive instant notifications to monitor when another device logs into your Amazon seller account, so you can sleep soundly and securely.

Analyze Your Sales Data

Prime Day isn’t just a one day event for sellers. Capitalize on your momentum with the deep analytics Profits tool to grow your margins for future sales.

Profits Calculator

Quickly access and manage all Amazon sales data and fees to measure profitability of individual or groups of product offerings.

Data Import and Export

Easily import your own unique .csv files and export business and cog expenses, empowering you to run your business, your way.

Financial Reporting

Easy to read bottom line reports show where an Amazon business is profitable and where it needs more attention, so you can spot trends.

Multiple Marketplaces

Aggregate data metrics based on one or more Amazon marketplaces to optimize your international selling operations.

As Seen On

Profits and accounting yahoo finance

Profits and accounting MarketWatch

Profits and Accounting business insider

Enjoy the First Month Free + 3 Months HALF OFF

Use Promo Code PRIMEDAY21 to take 50% off below prices


Profits and Accounting Plan

Choose Your Plan
  •    Orders Per Month
    Pricing thresholds are based on number of Orders you obtain from your Amazon store in the last 30 days.
  •    Business Dashboard
    Comprehensive data and analytics for your entire Amazon store across all marketplaces.
  •    Import Cogs and Expenses
    Upload your own .csv files with COGS and Expenses to accurately calculate profits.
  •    Download Reports
    Download Reports and Data from various modules including Top Products, Weekly, Monthly, Daily, and Custom ASIN groups.
  •    Product Grouping
    Create your own Product Groups and Categories using Labels. View, analyze, and compare with ease.
  •    Marketplaces
    View Data from any supported Amazon marketplace. Aggregate multiple marketplaces of your choice to better analyze their data.


$19.99/ month
  • 1 to 3000
  • Unlimited


$49.99/ month
  • 3000 to 6000
  • Unlimited


$99.99/ month
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • I'm seeing a 7-10% review rate with FeedbackWhiz. Every seller should be using it. It's such a fantastic and easy to use tool to use.
    Founder, Black Label Advisor
  • FeedbackWhiz is at the top of the game when it comes to review management, and the slew of other features it offers make it a borderline must-have.
    Tom B.
    Founder, HQ SEO
  • FeedbackWhiz is an invaluable tool for Amazon sellers.  We rely up on it to personalize and automate our customer correspondence and to monitor our customers' feedback.  It is integral to our success and allows us to provide the same great customer experience within the Amazon ecosystem as we give to our own website customers.
  • “Clients on the FreeeUp Marketplace love everything about FeedbackWhiz. It’s a well designed and powerful tool that every Amazon seller needs in their arsenal.”
    Nathan Hirsch
    Co-Founder & CEO of
  • Easy to use interface makes it a breeze to have all of your email campaigns fully customized and automated so you can sit back and watch all the feedback roll in. Products got a huge boost in rankings as I can closely monitor reviews and keep ratings high by resolving issues right away.
    Chris I.
    CEO Kinesis Yoga
  • “Finally a way to gather and manage all your product reviews, this feature is so ideal for brand owners who manage hundreds of products.  My product review ratings have improved substantially now that I get notifications and able to address issues immediately.”
    Calvin Y.
    A8 Star

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