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Automate email campaigns to get more reviews. Monitor listings to protect your brand’s reputation. Analyze profits to make data-based decisions. With FeedbackWhiz, you get everything you need to keep growing your ecommerce business.

Scale your business with cutting-edge Amazon seller tools

Thriving on Amazon isn’t easy. There’s a lot more to it than just having good products to sell. From customer service to marketing, marketplace sellers need to do a little bit of everything. Get all the tools you need to simplify and grow your ecommerce business with FeedbackWhiz.

Supported Marketplaces

Make better decisions and react faster with our new Walmart seller tools

If you’re a Walmart Marketplace seller, then you know that staying constantly informed on your listings and profit margins is crucial. That’s where FW Alerts and FW Profits step in.

Monitor reviews with ease via FW Alerts

Receive instant alerts when someone leaves a product review. Reach out to that customer right away to avoid escalation and protect your brand. Customize the triggers for your notifications to focus on positive, neutral, or negative ratings.

Track only one dashboard with FW Profits

Get a breakdown of your store’s profits and losses. See which products are selling well and which listings you need to improve. With all data points such as Walmart fees, taxes, and shipping costs factored in, FW Profits gives you a bird’s-eye view of your profitability.

Always Included with FeedbackWhiz

No matter which FeedbackWhiz product or plan you choose, you’ll have access to our core features. Focus on selling on Walmart or Amazon while our tools handle the tedious stuff for you.


Visualize your Amazon and Walmart accounts’ key metrics with our comprehensive dashboard.

  • Review total orders, product performance * Product performance dashboard currently available for Amazon only. and more.
  • Track your feedback received over time. * Seller feedback only by default; product review tracking is available with FW Alerts. Currently available for Amazon only.
  • View data as bar graphs, line graphs, or pie charts.

FeedbackWhiz dashboard showing order, feedback, and sales metrics for a specific period

FeedbackWhiz Order Manager with listings and Do Not Solicit options shown

Order Manager

Review all your Amazon and Walmart orders on any account. Manage Amazon review requests with FW Emails.

  • View order details, including status and feedback. * Feedback ratings are only visible on Amazon orders in Order Manager.
  • Blacklist problem buyers to prevent negative reviews. * Currently available for Amazon only.
  • Segment customers and trigger FW Emails campaigns. * Triggering FW Emails campaigns requires FW Emails (of course!). Currently available for Amazon only.


Create and download detailed CSV reports to inform your Amazon business strategy.

  • Generate reports on feedback, orders and more.
  • Choose the date range covered by each report.
  • Redownload old reports to access historical data.

FeedbackWhiz Reports Manager with generated Amazon feedback report opened on the side

FeedbackWhiz Product Manager showing Walmart listing info like price, units, orders, refunds

Product Manager

See and analyze all your Amazon or Walmart product listings in one tab.

  • View detailed info like revenue and reviews.
  • Add notes, labels, and short titles to products. * Currently available for Amazon only.
  • Declutter any analysis with filters and searches.

Feedback Manager

Review all your Amazon seller feedback and respond as needed.

  • View all seller feedback in a comprehensive table.
  • Organize feedback by rating, status, and more.
  • Contact customers directly * Requires FW Emails.or jump into Seller Central.

FeedbackWhiz Feedback Manager showing feedback and filters for dates, product info, buyer details

Automate, Manage, Monitor, Grow

  • Experience

    Experience a clean, beautiful, and intuitive interface

    “By far the most intuitive interface I’ve used.”

    Shauna Miller's headshot

    Shauna Miller

    Amazon Seller

    “Super easy to navigate and learn.”

    Kathleen's headshot


    Amazon Seller

    “FeedbackWhiz has a nice layout, the navigation … is well laid out and intuitive.”

    Dao Tran's headshot

    Dao Tran

    Amazon Seller

    “The main reason why I love FeedbackWhiz is because it’s so easy to use.”

    Tamara Tee's headshot

    Tamara Tee

    Six-Figure Seller

    Amazon Coach

    FeedbackWhiz’s easy-to-use platform allows you to see and do more. From Walmart profit analytics to Amazon email automation, our tools are as good-looking as they are user-friendly.

    feedbackwhiz products

    Need a little help getting started? FeedbackWhiz offers how-to videos, step-by-step instructions, an extensive knowledge base, and live training. Plus, you can contact our famous Help Team anytime.


  • Functionality

    Walmart and Amazon seller tools packed with essential features

    “[FeedbackWhiz] has greatly increased my customer reviews. It’s unbelievable.”

    Brandon Haneline's headshot

    Brandon Haneline
    Amazon Seller

    “I truly recommend it for all serious Amazon sellers — FBA or FBM.”

    Calvin's headshot

    Calvin B.
    Amazon Seller

    “FeedbackWhiz’ A/B testing tool is simple to use and can easily double your product reviews on Amazon.”

    Izzy Benoliel's headshot

    Izzy Benoliel
    Amazon Seller
    Expert Consultant

    “I would definitely recommend FeedbackWhiz to friends.”

    Jeremy R's headshot

    Jeremy R.
    Amazon Seller

    What makes FeedbackWhiz different from other Amazon seller software? We offer tools that every seller needs to power their business to the top.

    Manage reviews. Develop outreach campaigns. Communicate with customers. Push your Amazon business to the next level with FW Emails.

    Now, with the ability to analyze sales trends and monitor reviews across Amazon and Walmart, FW Profits & FW Alerts can help you grow that business into a web-wide success.

    feedbackwhiz review manager

    FeedbackWhiz stands out with features that elevate your business. From review management to customer engagement, we equip you with everything you need to reach your ecommerce goals.


  • Data

    Seller analytics tools to track profits, losses and sales trends

    “I love the platform — it has such comprehensive insights and great features.”

    Liliana C.'s headshot

    Liliana C.
    Amazon Seller

    “You get a lot of really useful data back.”

    Loran Hirschkorn's headshot

    Loran Hirschkorn
    7-Figure Amazon Seller

    “Nothing has really come close to the amount of granularity that we get with FeedbackWhiz.”

    Nick Young's headshot

    Nick Young
    8-Figure Amazon Seller
    Partner at SellerTradecraft

    Monitor all your listings across Amazon and Walmart. Use FW Profits to measure performance quickly, easily, and intuitively. Personalize data with custom graphs and see your most important metrics and trends in one place.

    feedbackwhiz profits tool

    Data is critical to you being the best seller you can be. FW Profits provides the graphs, stats, reports, and notifications you need so you can focus on growing your business.


  • Value

    Amazon & Walmart seller software that increases your margins

    “FeedbackWhiz is worth every penny I pay for it.”

    Johan Larsson's headshot

    Johan Larsson
    Amazon Seller

    “It really does make a difference.”

    David Zaleski's headshot

    David Zaleski
    Amazon Seller & Consultant
    Co-Founder, EcomHub

    “Price is fair, functions are amazing, great support team as well.”

    Tom Wang's headshot

    Tom Wang
    7-Figure Amazon Seller

    “This tool makes life so much easier.”

    Luke Wechselberger's headshot

    Luke Wechselberger
    Amazon Seller

    Take advantage of FeedbackWhiz’s fully integrated app features.

    Use Amazon data to set up campaigns that maximize reviews. Make sure your listings are always protected and running smoothly. Identify business trends and anomalies across Amazon and Walmart alike.

    Our seller tools are all on one central, easy-to-use platform — helping you optimize your online business for success.

    feedbackwhiz orders page

    Access all your global marketplaces with a simple drop-down button. Even if you sell on Walmart and multiple Amazon marketplaces, FeedbackWhiz can handle it.


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