Getting an Amazon best seller badge may give your ego a boost, but is it really worth the effort and what’s the easiest way to get it?

Amazon sellers often ask, “What is the easiest way to get an Amazon best seller badge?”
And to that question, there’s a simple answer: be the best seller of that product. Sure, it’s easy in theory, but slightly more difficult in practice. Furthermore, sellers should also be asking themselves if getting an Amazon best seller badge is really all that important in the first place.

What is the best seller badge?

First thing’s first, what is the badge? The Amazon best seller badge is given to the best performer among any item over a period of time. What this period of time is, Amazon keeps to itself. The status, however, is updated hourly, which means this is a prize which may be up for grabs every hour, every day and once you’ve lost it, it’s gone. Once you’ve been knocked off your perch the only way to get it back is to be the best seller once again.

Badges can be awarded in multiple categories. In a large category such as ‘books’ for example, there may be around 100 best seller badges divided into subcategories. Getting the badge may be more or less difficult depending on competition within a particular category. For example, if you are selling a dog leashes, you’ll have a much better chance of listing in the highly specific category of ‘dog collars’ versus the much larger categories of ‘dogs’, or ‘pet supplies’.

With this example, it would be a good idea to list the product in the super small category of dog collars because this closely matches what your customers are looking for, but it would also be worth listing it is much larger and more wide-ranging categories like pet supplies because your customers might start their search in a more general category.

Don’t play games

Do not try to play games with Amazon. You might think the best way to get a best seller badge is to list your product in various loosely connected categories, especially if these categories have little to no competition.

Amazon, though, prefers its sellers to play by the spirit and letter of the law. Listing your product in random categories will ruin the shopping experience of customers who are browsing those categories. A frustrated shopper who visits your page and leaves without buying can harm your ratings.

If Amazon records a high bounce rate, they might start to pay closer attention to your methods.

Amazon tracks various metrics, including the amount of time visitors spend on your page and the number of visitors who leave without making a purchase. So, if there are lots of people visiting your listing for short periods and not purchasing, it is a red flag to Amazon that your product shouldn’t be listed where it is.

Is the best seller badge worth it?

Indeed, this question is worth asking from a wider perspective. A best seller badge sounds like a good idea, but how valuable is it? The badge isn’t that prominent and can often be buried fairly deep within the product details. So, this in itself may not always boost your sales. Instead, the best seller badge appeals to your vanity. We all like to win things and everyone wants to be number one. It also proves that your efforts are bearing fruit. In other words, if you do all the things you need to do in order to improve your performance, the badge may naturally follow.

Getting the badge

The best seller badge is more of an indication of success. It may help boost buyer confidence when they see it, but most mostly it is a goal you should be aiming for, and not a tool for boosting sales.

Product reviews will play an indirect part in the process. They aren’t used as part of the calculation – this is a very specific metric based on sales, but better reviews can boost sales, so it’s worth working hard with your buyers to boost the number of product reviews you receive. Engage with them and use follow up emails. Not only will this make them more likely to leave positive feedback or product reviews, but they may also be more open to the idea of buying from you in the future.

The easiest way, then, to win the best seller badge is to be good at what you do. There are tricks which can boost your chances, but the badge isn’t so valuable that it’s worth damaging your standing with Amazon. Be fair and focus on quality. Pick the right categories, and ensure you deliver a top-notch service every single time. Be a good seller and your buyers will reward you with sales.