How To Prevent Negative Feedback

You may think receiving feedback from customers on Amazon is a mere afterthought with no real impact on your Amazon business.  Almost nothing could be further from the truth.  The gravity of a Seller’s feedback has far more importance than is seemingly obvious at first glance.

Your feedback score, along with the metrics Amazon uses to track your performance as a Seller determines your social proof, credibility and record as a Seller.   Feedback addresses your performance as a Seller and the experience your customers’ have in purchasing your products.

When asking the question “What can I do to prevent negative feedback?” there are two major points to address.

The first point:  Know The Rules

Know all the factors that go into determining your feedback on Amazon.  Getting negative feedback could be sounding the alarm that you have to make some changes to your business practices.  Sellers should know the meaning behind each feedback metric and understand how it relates back to their business.  This is your first defense – to make sure that any negative feedback you receive is not due to a chronic issue regarding your own customer service.  In the worst-case scenario, negative feedback along with other poor performance metrics can lead to your account being suspended.

The second point:  Be Pro-Active About Your Feedback

Once Sellers understand the dynamics feedback plays in their overall success on Amazon, acquiring and maintaining good feedback as well as protecting against negative feedback becomes front and center, always on a Seller’s radar.

Resolving Negative Feedback By Knowing The Rules:

In the event of negative feedback, Amazon encourages finding the root cause and working to resolve any issues.  You should always:

  1.   Make sure your listings are accurate;
  2.   Check your orders on a daily basis;
  3.   Confirm shipment;
  4.   Know your inventory status;
  5.   Check your pricing;
  6.   Be clear about your shipping policies;
  7.   Automate returns in your settings;
  8.   Answer questions quickly;
  9.   Print, scan and ship within the time you specify; and
  10.  Download Feedback Reports in Feedback Manager.

How to resolve negative Feedback

Now that you know you have done everything to provide excellent customer service, you should expect to get positive feedback on your transactions.  However, things don’t always go according to plan.  Many customers do not leave feedback at all.  Some customers might make mistakes leaving feedback.  There are only a few reasons Amazon will remove feedback for you.  These include:

  1. When customers confuse a Seller’s performance with the product’s performance; and
  2. If an item was ordered and sent via FBA regarding shipping time – you get a visible strike-through and Amazon takes responsibility for that.

It becomes important to seek out positive feedback, for it balances out and neutralizes any potential or actual negative feedback.  Keeping your positive feedback score as high as possible demands attention from every Amazon Seller.  Even a few negative feedbacks can throw off your metrics and leave your account at risk.

Customers can clearly view your feedback rating, which appears on your Seller page and next to your store name alongside other competitive Sellers competing for the buy box.  These metrics hold a lot of weight when Amazon customers are deciding from whom to purchase their goods.  Be the Seller they choose.

What can I do to make this process easier?

Part of being pro-active about your feedback is to create emails campaigns in order to reduce negative feedback and encourage more positive feedback.  Enter FeedbackWhiz.

FeedbackWhiz saves you time and increases your productivity by automating the tedious process of monitoring your feedback as well as creating effective email campaigns and avoiding duplications.  By sending emails to request feedback, you are engaging your customer(s) to resolve any issues and lessen the chances they will leave unfavorable feedback.

By setting up automated email campaigns, you can provide great customer service by reaching out to resolve issues and ask for feedback.  FeedbackWhiz also monitors all feedback left and will notify you immediately when receiving any unfavorable feedback so you can quickly reach out to customers.