Software for Amazon Sellers to Dominate the Marketplace.

Advanced software for merchants to boost their Amazon business, repair feedback, improve product reviews, and automate high-volume emails.

What makes Feedbackwhiz the best Amazon seller management software you’ll ever use?

Everything you need to simplify and effectively grow your Amazon business.

Order Management

All your orders, customer data and order metrics synced and fully integrated on one platform screen. Search, filter, analyze and download with ease.  Intuitively designed to save you time and keep you focused on selling.

Product Reviews

Organize, view, and group all your product reviews in a single screen.  Analyze, manage, and get instant notifications when negative reviews are posted.  Protect and repair your brand name by responding to reviews.


Create customized emails and fully configured campaigns to maximum positive feedback.  Prioritize urgent negative feedback to address unsatisfied customers and maintain a great reputation with minimal effort.

Email Automation

Build powerful email sequences tailored to individual products and buyer behaviors.  Create effective custom templates with our live preview editor using custom variables, emoji’s, animated gifs, file attachments, custom HTML, and much more.


Increase profitability by focusing on intelligent insights that inform key decisions.  A/B test campaigns, open rates, access and download historical customer data to create custom audience or look a like campaigns on Facebook to re-target your customers.

Time Savings

FeedbackWhiz unifies all the tools you need to run your business, automates repetitive tasks in seconds, and saves you hours so you can concentrate on expanding your business and making money.

Find the perfect plan for your business

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Email Automation Plan

Choose Your Plan
  •    Emails and Review Requests
    Number of emails and Amazon review request triggers you can send each month.
  •    Email Campaigns
    An email campaign= 1 email sequence you can send for all/selected orders. Create unique sequences to target and exclude specific triggered statuses such as shipped, delivered, repeat buyers, 5 star feedback rating, promotions, and much more.. You can also setup campaigns to trigger the Amazon Review Request button inside seller central. Example: If you want to send 2 emails to every order or selected ASINS, you would create 2 email campaigns. If you want to create 2 groups of Amazon review request for different products and timing, you would create 2 email campaigns.
  •    Orders & Feedback Manager
    There is no limit on how many orders you have each month. You have the option to sync up to 1 years worth of order history during sign-up.
  •    Analytics and Statistics
    View and manage sales, orders, feedback, emails, and product review analytics and data in any time frame.
  •    Download Reports
    Download all data collected from buyers, orders, feedback, and product reviews.
  •    Marketplaces
    Easily toggle between your different Amazon marketplaces. We support Amazon USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, India, and United Arab Emirates.
  •    Support
    We offer world class customer support. Our support team is highly knowledgeable with selling on Amazon and is always willing to help answer any questions to help you succeed!


$0.00/ month
  • 150 /mo
  • 1
  • 1 Included
  • Limited Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Limited live support.


$19.99/ month
  • 2000 /mo
  • 10
  • 1 Included
    (Addtl. marketplaces $10)
  • Basic Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Normal support response times(same day)


$39.99/ month
  • 5000 /mo
  • Unlimited
  • 1 Included
    (Addtl. marketplaces $10)
  • Basic Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Normal support response times(same day)
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$79.99/ month
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 1 Included
    (Addtl. marketplaces $5)
  • Expedited Support
    Full access to support site articles and video. Expedited support response times(1-4 hours)


$139.99/ month
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    Full access to support site articles and video. Dedicated Account Manager to answer questions and resolve issues immediately.

Features included

Dashboard Interface
Critical Event Notifications
Graphs & Statistics
Customer Orders Integration
Real Time Refund Integration
Automatic Buyer-opt Outs

Live Email Preview
Easy Variable Insertion
Custom Buttons for Links
Animated Gifs and Emojis
A/B Split Testing
Internal Note System

Logo & Attachments
Email Tracking & Analytics
Duplicate Email Detection
Target and Exclusion Statuses
Seller Feedback Notifications
Automated Email Campaigns

Campaign Filters and Timers
Repeat Buyer Integration
Positive Feedback Integration
Buyer / Order Blacklist
Download Data Reports
Send Manual Emails

Product Monitoring Plan

The Product Monitoring Plan add-on allows you to:

* View and analyze product reviews for any of your ASINs
* Receive email notifications when you receive a negative, neutral, or positive product review
* Monitor and receive alerts when there are changes to your listing such as title updates, buy-box loss, or hijackers
Child ASINs Monitored Add-on Cost
5 ASINs $5 /mo
10 ASINs $10 /mo
25 ASINs $13 /mo
50 ASINs $17 /mo
100 ASINs $20 /mo
250 ASINs $25 /mo
500 ASINs $50 /mo
1,000 ASINs $75 /mo
1,500 ASINs $87 /mo
2,000 ASINs $100 /mo
5,000 ASINs $200 /mo

Features included

Review Management System
Positive Review Notifications
Neutral Review Notifications
Negative Review Notifications
Add Multiple Email Recipients

Hijacker Alerts
Buy Box Loss Alerts
Title Change Alerts
Internal Note System
Bulk ASIN Upload

Direct link to Amazon review
Monitor Competitor ASINs
Verified Purchase Detection
Group by Review Date/ASIN
Search by ASIN/SKU, Keyword, Rating

All prices above are based in USD (US Dollar)

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Need to monitor more than 5,000 ASINs?  Contact us for more information on custom plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Amazon marketplaces are supported?

We currently support Amazon US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, India, and UAE.

How often is the data updated?

Orders information is updated every 15 minutes.
Seller Feedback is updated every 30 minutes.
Product Reviews are updated every 4 hours.
Hijacker, Title, and Buy-box changes are updated every 15 minutes.
Return/Refund and Buyer Opt-Outs are provided immediately.

Can I use FeebackWhiz with other third party MWS software providers at the same time?

Absolutely.  However, it is not recommended to run multiple email campaigns since Feedbackwhiz does not have information on emails sent with other providers and it may cause duplicate messages sent to customers.

How secure is my data?

Data privacy and security is important to us.  We ensure the safety of your data by following all of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) and Seller Central guidelines.  In addition, FeedbackWhiz’s servers are all part of the Amazon AWS technology stack and all request are made via HTTPS (SSL). 

Are there any contracts or other hidden costs?

No contracts or hidden charges here.  You can cancel anytime.

Whats included in the free trial?

The free trial gives you full access to all our features for 30 days.  You will be allowed to send 2,000 emails and monitor 50 products. You can create up to 10 campaigns.

What payment methods are accepted and when do I get billed?

For methods of payment, we accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
Your billing cycle begins at the time you subscribe to a paid plan.  If you upgrade or downgrade plans, your billing cycle will update upon change.

Can FeedbackWhiz support multiple Amazon seller accounts?

Yes, FeedbackWhiz can integrate as many Amazon Seller Accounts as you need under a single login. Please email us for special pricing and setup.

How do I transition over from another service provider?

Transitioning is simple and easy. It only takes a few minutes to get setup with FeedbackWhiz. Please refer to our support site article on how to get setup. 

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