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Advanced software tools for merchants to: boost their businesses, automate email campaigns, improve seller feedback, get more product reviews, easily monitor listings, and intelligently analyze seller profit and accounting data.

What makes FeedbackWhiz a great Amazon seller management software?

Being an Amazon seller is hard work. There’s a lot more to it than just having a good product. From customer service to marketing, Amazon sellers need to do a little bit of everything. Having the right Amazon seller tools can make selling a whole lot easier. Get all the Amazon seller tools you need to simplify and effectively grow your Amazon business.

Amazon Seller Tools: Order ManagementOrder Management

Don’t drown in data. FeedbackWhiz integrates customer and order data onto one screen so you can make smart decisions and grow your Amazon business. Search, filter, analyze and download reports so you can save time and focus on selling.

Amazon Seller Tools: Product ReviewsProfits and Accounting

Customize your Amazon revenue and expense tracking systems to meet your exact needs. Measure performance of all your Amazon product listings over time and gain insights that will help you increase profit margins.

Amazon Seller Tools: FeedbackFeedback Management

Create customized emails and fully configured campaigns to maximize positive feedback. Manage all your Amazon seller feedback and create instant alerts when you receive negative reviews.

Amazon Seller Tools: Email AutomationEmail Automation

Create, automate, and send customized emails through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging . Try the new Request a Review feature using Amazon’s language combined with FeedbackWhiz’s powerful email automation tools and analytics capabilities.

Amazon Seller Tools: AnalyticsData Analytics

Increase profitability by making data driven decisions. Create detailed reports from orders, feedback and product reviews. Organize your data to identify sales trends and detect anomalies. Take action swiftly and keep your store ahead of the curve.

Amazon Seller Tools: Monitoring and NotificationsMonitoring and Notifications

FeedbackWhiz automatically monitors all critical events on your Amazon product listings, even when you’re offline. Get alerted instantly about new product reviews, seller feedback, hijacker activity, listing title changes, buy box loss, pricing shifts and more.

Supported Marketplaces

Automate, Manage, Monitor, Grow

  • Experience

    Experience a clean, beautiful, and intuitive interface

    Feedbackwhiz’s Amazon seller tools are built using cutting-edge technology — allowing you to see and do more. From Amazon product listing tools to email automation campaigns, our suite of Amazon seller tools are beautiful and easy to use.

    feedbackwhiz products

    Need a little help getting started with Amazon seller tools? Feedbackwhiz includes a comprehensive tutorial and help section along with videos and step-by-step instructions to help you each step of the way.


  • Functionality

    Amazon seller tools packed with all the essential features

    FeedbackWhiz differentiates itself from other Amazon seller software by offering essential features and tools that every seller needs to power their business to the top. Manage reviews. Develop outreach campaigns. Communicate with customers. Organize categories with custom tags. Analyze sales trends. We provide the tools to push your Amazon business to the next level.

    feedbackwhiz review manager

    Data is critical to you being the best Amazon seller you can be. Feedbackwhiz provides useful graphs, data, statistics, reports, and notifications so you can focus on growing your business.


  • Data

    Seller analytics tools to track profits, losses and sales trends

    Use FeedbackWhiz’s Profits & Accounting features to measure performance for all of your Amazon product listings quickly, easily, and intuitively. Personalize seller data with customizable graphs depicting the most important Amazon selling metrics and trends for your business.

    feedbackwhiz profits tool

    Access all your global marketplaces with a simple drop down button. Even if you sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces, FeedbackWhiz’s Amazon seller tools can handle it.


  • Value

    Amazon seller software that increases your margins

    Take advantage of FeedbackWhiz’s fully integrated app features that work together to enhance your seller experience. Use data from across the app to set up email campaigns that maximize reviews, identify business trends and anomalies, and make sure your listings are always protected and running smoothly — all on the same platform. Our suite of Amazon seller tools is tied together on one central, easy-to-use platform — helping you optimize your Amazon business for success.

    feedbackwhiz orders page

    Access all your global marketplaces with a simple drop down button. Even if you sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces, FeedbackWhiz’s Amazon seller tools can handle it.


  • I'm seeing a 7-10% review rate with FeedbackWhiz. Every seller should be using it. It's such a fantastic and easy to use tool to use.
    Founder, Black Label Advisor
  • FeedbackWhiz is at the top of the game when it comes to review management, and the slew of other features it offers make it a borderline must-have.
    Tom B.
    Founder, HQ SEO
  • FeedbackWhiz is an invaluable tool for Amazon sellers.  We rely up on it to personalize and automate our customer correspondence and to monitor our customers' feedback.  It is integral to our success and allows us to provide the same great customer experience within the Amazon ecosystem as we give to our own website customers.
  • “Clients on the FreeeUp Marketplace love everything about FeedbackWhiz. It’s a well designed and powerful tool that every Amazon seller needs in their arsenal.”
    Nathan Hirsch
    Co-Founder & CEO of
  • Easy to use interface makes it a breeze to have all of your email campaigns fully customized and automated so you can sit back and watch all the feedback roll in. Products got a huge boost in rankings as I can closely monitor reviews and keep ratings high by resolving issues right away.
    Chris I.
    CEO Kinesis Yoga
  • “Finally a way to gather and manage all your product reviews, this feature is so ideal for brand owners who manage hundreds of products.  My product review ratings have improved substantially now that I get notifications and able to address issues immediately.”
    Calvin Y.
    A8 Star

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