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Using automation has many benefits, no matter how you decide to use it. One of the biggest benefits is that it can save you an exponential amount of time. By using automation for your Amazon advertising, you are able to dedicate time to other tasks that require more focused attention.

Automation also ensures that your ads are automatically optimized to help eliminate wasted ad spend. If you’re looking to save money on your Amazon advertising, using automation to optimize your keyword discovery and bid adjustments can help your ads run more profitably and discover keywords that gain you more sales.

An example tool for Ad Automation is Sellozo. Sellozo is an Amazon preferred partner that helps brands, sellers and agencies stay competitive with advertising on Amazon. Sellozo increases sales and lowers your ACoS by FULLY automating your Amazon Sponsored Product Ad campaigns.

What Makes Sellozo’s Advertising Automation Different?

What Makes Sellozo’s Advertising Automation Different


Sellozo’s advertising automation is leveraged by machine learning to deliver data-backed optimizations. All of Sellozo’s tools utilize proprietary, advanced algorithms based on actual sales and performance data to deliver the best results for Amazon Sellers.

On average, sellers using Sellozo see a 70% increase in ad profitability. Since founding in 2017, Sellozo has helped thousands of Amazon Sellers grow their eCommerce business. In 2017, we optimized over 150,000 sponsored ad campaigns representing over $50 million in ad spend and a gross merchandise value of $2.8 billion.

But the great part about using Sellozo to automate your Amazon advertising is that it can save you an average of 8-10 hours per week! Plus, because it’s truly fully-automated you can launch campaigns in just a few clicks. That means no more rule setting, accepting recommendations or any of that nonsense! So you can create a campaign in three quick steps and get to other tasks much faster than other platforms.

Using a tool like Sellozo, you’d no longer have to sift through search term reports, creative negative keywords, create new manual campaigns or adjust bids. Sellozo takes care of all of these tedious tasks on a daily basis. Sellozo has created a tool that allows sellers to connect campaigns by simply creating lines to each other. This tool is called Campaign Studio. In Campaign Studio, sellers can choose from the preset patterns or they can create their own.

Introducing Campaign Studio by Sellozo!
Campaign Studio is our NEW proprietary tool that allows sellers to link their campaigns together, create keyword transfer rules, and control their Target ACoS! Campaign Studio has been a huge hit with our agencies and big sellers.

Below are a few examples of the Sellozo campaign structures:

Auto-Manual (Exact):
This is an example of using automation for Amazon PPC. This campaign flow allows sellers to launch an Auto campaign. Once Sellozo starts identifying successful search terms Sellozo will automatically spawn off a new Manual campaign and move the converted search terms as exact match into the new Manual campaign. Once that search term converts in the Manual Exact, Sellozo goes back into the Auto campaign and creates a new negative keyword. This process is done manually by many sellers and takes a lot of time to do. A tool like Sellozo automates this tedious task.

This is an example strategy for sellers who want to do extensive keyword discovery for their products. Sellozo will automatically transfer a converted search term out of the auto and transfer it to the broad campaign. Once the search term converts in the broad, Sellozo will then transfer it to the Phrase Campaign AND Sellozo will go back into the Auto and create a negative exact for that search term. This same pattern happens for each campaign.

Sellozo Auto-Broad-Phrase-Exact


Auto-Broad-Phrase-Exact Parallel:
This is an example strategy that allows brands and sellers to automatically move converted search terms from the auto into multiple manual campaigns at once. Sellers can also define their own starting bids on each campaign which gives them more control on what campaigns they want to take precedence.

sellozo Auto-Broad-Phrase-Exact Parallel

How to get started:
When you sign up, we connect to your Seller Central account and then you can either enable existing Campaigns for us to manage or our platform can help you easily Launch new campaigns for products. Once you turn on the Optimizer and set an ACoS target, our system will then automatically adjust bids up and down for search terms and keywords to maximize profitability and hit ACoS goals. Sellozo will also automatically apply negative keywords when search terms are determined to be particularly bad for a given product.

We do have a 14 day FREE Trial for all new accounts!