Here’s how one magic number could unlock a whole world of additional sales on Amazon – it’s called the manufacturer part number (MPN).

If you’re willing to dig into the world of manufacturer part numbers (MPN), you can find yourself with a unique and profitable opportunity. Many parts can be difficult to find with manufacturers being reluctant to sell them directly. If you can offer these, it’s a good way to get people coming back to you time and time again.

Going online

An MPN is a unique number issued by manufacturers to identify individual parts. These numbers will normally consist of a series of letters and numbers. This helps you to distinguish it from counterfeit parts, manage stocking levels and reassure clients that what they are buying is legitimate.

If you plan to use an MPN you must make sure the product you plan to use is not fake, a reproduction or a replacement. For example, in some categories, such as Apple parts, you cannot use the MPN unless the item is 100% genuine. However Apple does not sell these parts, so the only way to sell them is if they are pulled from a new unit or used.

Amazon provides an optional field for the MPN in the listing inventory and it will not be relevant for everything you sell. A piece of clothing, for example, from a well-known brand, will probably have an SKU associated with it instead. But if an MPN is applicable, it is something that can really give you a boost. Here’s why:

Online searches have been great for people who need to find a part. Previously it might have been extremely difficult to source, but the internet has opened up a whole new world, where almost anything is available.

Normally, a buyer could go directly to the manufacturer for the part. More and more manufacturers are selling parts through their website, which is great because the buyer knows for certain that what they’re getting is the right part for the job. Unfortunately, this is far from a perfect solution. Many manufacturers prefer not to sell directly to the consumer.

All of this creates an opportunity for you, the Amazon seller if you can provide MPNs.
Replacement parts are not optional. A buyer will not be looking for similar products or different color options, they need the item to fix a specific problem. If they are looking for a specific MPN and find it, they are not going to ask too many questions — they are likely to just buy the item on the spot. MPNs, therefore, have a high conversion rate.

These buyers are also likely to come back in the future and are less likely to return unwanted items. As long as you have entered the right MPN, and delivered what the buyer was looking for, they will not complain. What you sell, therefore, is not likely to be returned.

Being able to supply that hard to find MPN will also lead to happier customers, which in return, leads to more positive reviews. Think about it: if you’ve been scouring the world trying to find that perfect part without much luck, you are going to be delighted when you hit upon a seller who can deliver it.

That means two things: the buyer is more likely to leave a positive product review, and they are likely to buy from you again in the future.

Think about it: if a seller is able to supply hard to find parts, why would a buyer even bother looking elsewhere? They’ll come back time and time again.

SEO and discoverability

Having an MPN is also useful for improving your discoverability on Amazon and online in general. This field is indexed by both Google and Amazon’s A9 search algorithms. This means that if you have it, you will be picked up by both search engines and displayed in the results. It increases the chances of both being seen and making sales.

The magic number

The MPN, then, is a small, simple number which is easy to overlook and many Amazon sellers are doing exactly that, creating an opportunity for those willing to step up.

Without MPNs, finding the right part can come down to little more than guesswork and uncertain customers, do not make confident buyers. An MPN will eliminate this guesswork and take buyers to the exact part they need.

An MPN can dramatically improve your Amazon sales. Go beyond just putting an MPN in the optional field on your listing and try including it elsewhere, like in the title and any product photos. This can help people to find you, unlock new sales markets, and improve customer retention. So while it’s easy to ignore, the MPN could be the tiny magic number that proves to be a goldmine.